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Price Chop LTD is an intermediary company which seeks the best outcome for clients looking to purchase a property. We have knowledge on the second hand market as well as the new homes sector.

We have years of experience in the property market. From specialists that have worked on the new homes sector, second hand & auctions. Each package and each client will vary, Price Chop will ensure you get the right person for your purchase.

Through each of our packages you will be able to find the right package for YOU, each package has been tailored for specific purchasers. We have tried to make this as simple and transparent as possible however if you have any questions you could always get in touch and speak to the dedicated advisor to see what would best suit you.

In the UK, estate agents solely work for the vendor and get paid by the vendor. This in simple terms means the more they sell the property for, they will receive more money. So it doesn’t benefit them to fight and get you the best deal.

Price Chop solely work for the individual client purchasing a property. We have no interest in working with developers/landlords and getting a commission from them and therefore we will only be working for our clients. The Price Chop specialist will ensure you are getting the right deal and if you are not they will advise on how to go around the transaction.

Price Chop LTD vows to get every client the best deal possible. We have a full refund policy if the client is not satisfied (T&C’s Apply) however we don’t see this arising for any of our clients.